Powder Flat Sachet

Wide range of sizes with 3 or 4 side seals. Generally for single serve portions with or without a tear off notch depending on the laminate/foil spec of the packaging. This is generally the most straight forward and therefore cost effective format for a powder and we can offer low minimum order quantities to suit even the most specialist requirements

Powder Stand-up Mini Doy Pouch

Single serve mini stand up pouches in a variety of sizes for powdered products. Available with customised top shapes and rounded corners. Available in either a ‘true doy’ style or with a block bottom. These packs are great for creating an eye-catching and attractive product, and can be especially suited to larger volume servings where the extra capacity of a gusset is beneficial over a standard flat sachet.

Liquid Stand-up Mini Doy Pouch

Suitable for Energy gels, syrups and liquids, these stand-up pouches can have a variety of different top shape options to create a tear off spout for dispensing the contents. The packs securely and hygienically contain the product in a simple to use and precisely measured dose.

Liquid Stick pack / tube

A slim and attractive stick pack suitable for Energy gels, syrups and liquids that can also have a variety of fill volumes and top shapes

Powder Multi-serve resealable Doy Pouch

We are able to fill a wide range of Doy Pouches from around 200g to 6Kg for multi serve or bulk powder packs. These pouches can have a resealable zip seal for opening and closing securely and the pack often includes a scoop specified in the appropriate size to give an easy and accurate dose

Powder Multi-serve rigid pots and tubs

Available on request, please contact us with your exact requirements should you wish to explore this option

Powder and liquid Bulk Production

If you don’t require our full end to end service then we may still be able to help you develop and produce in bulk. This would generally be in the format of 20/25Kg sacks or big bags (500kg-1000Kg) of powder, or 1000 litre Pallecons/IBCs of liquid.