Health and Nutraceutical

A growing and hugely important area within the nutrition industry because of increased demands on our bodies through time pressures, poor diet and ill health. We recognise that within this area, the critical requirements for the end product users are likely to be ease of use, palatability and above all accuracy of the stated nutritional components in order for the product to achieve it’s targeted objective.

Our focus on creating great tasting but functional products has meant that consumers no longer have to sacrifice taste over nutrition, after all, food that isn’t eaten, no matter what it’s potential nutritional or health benefit, has a nutritional value of nil!

Calleva produce for several suppliers to the NHS, where we have created a nutritional supplement solution to meet the needs of a specific health requirement, as well as for weight loss and weight management in calorie controlled diets.

Meal replacement powdered drink formulations for the provision of nutrition to malnourished patients who are having difficulties meeting their full dietary requirements from conventional food.

Liquid gels and syrups for the provision of a rapidly absorbed source of glucose for boosting blood sugar levels in sufferers of hypoglycaemia

Powdered weight loss meal replacement shakes and satiation shakes to either completely replace a meal in a users calorie controlled diet or help alleviate cravings and snacking in between meals by giving a low calorie feeling of ‘fullness