What we manufacture

If it’s a blend of nutritional powdered ingredients or a predominantly carbohydrate based energy gel then we make it!

The focus of the products we manufacture tends to be on the neutral and sweet side of the flavour spectrum, rather than savoury and falls into the 3 main categories of Sport, Health and Nutraceutical, and Wellbeing. please view the pages on each of these areas for more information.

As part of our contract manufacturing service, we also provide packaging solutions in house to create a finished product that’s retail ready. Typically employing flexible laminated packaging materials to form a range of styles, sizes and finishes of packs, the products we create are filled in to these in dedicated filling and packing rooms. See Our Service for more details on flat sachets, mini doy packs, resealable doy pouches, stick packs and other formats that we currently offer.

We’re not like some nutritional service providers and consultants that only offer one part of the jigsaw, or who claim to offer their own manufacturing and a full service solution but in fact have to out source production and packaging to third parties to the extent that you may not know exactly where your own product is being produced. You can be reassured that at Calleva, we keep everything under one roof within our own laboratory and factory, adhering to our stringent quality systems and most importantly, under our direct control, so you know exactly where your product has been.

Everything we manufacture is fully traceable through our bespoke proprietary batch control system. We utilise state of the art touch screen computers throughout the production facility for weighing, dosing and controlling addition of products to all batches in accordance with the approved recipe. Raw materials are all barcoded and scanned individually as part of this traceability control, which allows live stock control of our inventory and detailed computerised records to be kept that include the time, quantity, batch number and individual operator involved of every single product we produce.