29 Jan Zero to Landfill initiative begins at Calleva

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Calleva are proud to announce that we will be starting the New Year by signing a new contract for general and factory waste disposal with local company, Devon Contract Waste, on their ‘Zero to Landfill’ program.

The team at Calleva are acutely aware of the impact that waste disposal can have on the environment if not handled in a responsible manner and that we must all do our bit for the Planet. This awareness is what prompted Calleva Factory Manager, Anthony Lynch and Packaging Manager, Mike Smith to explore what alternatives are available to landfill and the resulting research is what led to the new partnership with DCW.

Whilst we were already recycling some factory and office waste at Calleva, The Zero to landfill program increases sorting of waste streams on our site to allow a greater percentage to be directly recycled. Any remaining non-recyclable day to day waste materials will be collected for processing (incineration) in clean energy generation plants, rather than being sent to land fill which was previously the case within our waste handling contract from another supplier.

Calleva Factory Manager Anthony Lynch, who has worked closely with DCW to get this initiative started said: ““We have been looking into better solutions for our waste management with a view to being more environmentally conscious for some time now, so when DCW showed us their Zero to landfill program we were very impressed. It’s great also that we can work with a local business for this.”

Ed Ryle, Director of Operations and Strategy said: “It’s easy to think that making process changes that will be beneficial to the environment cost businesses more in the long term due to the ‘green-tax’ that can be common place, and commercially this can be a barrier to making these changes. It’s great news for Calleva that in this case the new waste contract is more or less cost neutral so I’m confident that we’re getting a good value service whilst also doing the right thing for the environment”


For more information on Devon Contract Waste’s Zero to Landfill click here